One Easy Way To Increase Your Productivity Today


How many times have you had lunch at your desk this year? Did you really like eating alone and not seeing sunshine for eight hours a day? If you think you’re being more productive by eating at your desk, then think again!

A BBC survey carried out with 600 office workers found that 54% of people regularly work through their lunch breaks; these people felt as though this was simply the culture of their organisation. 20% of these workers felt under pressure from their manager not to take a break. It’s easy to rationalise skipping lunch or eating at your desk, but studies show that a break is actually good for your productivity.

Our American counterparts, according to the The Washington Post, lose $1.8 trillion per year in lost productivity. Factors like logging into Facebook throughout the workday, showing up to work hung over, or opting not to take a lunch break all prove to affect this very drastic loss.

So what’s the big deal about skipping lunch or chowing down at your desk between emails? Research shows that taking a lunch break improves your cognitive capabilities, creativity, and overall can increase your productivity. Tasks that require a high level of mental energy and focus can result in fatigue and even exhaustion. Our brains need time to recover in order to operate at full capacity. Therefore, taking a walk, getting some fresh air, eating fresh food, and taking in some sunny vitamin D re-energises the body and mind.

After establishing a mandatory lunch break policy, an Ipswich financial organisation reported a significant drop in sickies and a reduction in staff turnover. In turn, customer-employee relationships enhanced; by allowing customers to work with the same employees for a longer time period, customer satisfaction increased.

In addition to being more productive after a break, there are health benefits to stopping for lunch too. Eating at your desk can form a habit of ‘mindless eating.’ If your desk is a place where you sit all day and eat lunch, is it also a place to snack too much or eat the wrong foods.

We hope you’ll get out for lunch today; even 15 minutes will make a difference. If you can get some sun, the vitamin D will help produce extra serotonin, a hormone that plays a significant role in determining our moods.

So there you have it: having lunch will make you smarter in the afternoons and more productive as well as healthier and happier at work!

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