The Business Profile and Due Diligence Package

Once you decide to sell your business, it immediately becomes a product competing against thousands of other businesses for sale.

It’s a buyer’s market; be prepared to have every aspect of your business scrutinised. Advisors of potential buyers will not only analyse the information you provide, but the way it is presented to them. Without the proper information or presentation, you risk your buyer losing finance approval.

The Finn Franchise Business Profile Document and Due Diligence Package is the foundation to the marketing of your business. Usually comprised of 60-120 pages, and presented in an email-friendly PDF format, your Business Profile Document and Due Diligence Package contains every piece of information a potential buyer, bank, or accountant, would like to know, including:

•Legal documents
•Balanced financials
•ROI analysis
•Marketplace review
•High-resolution photos
•Professional layout and design

Insight from Rod Nuttall
Managing Director
Best Practice Franchising
Former National Executive Manager Franchising
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
“Gaining finance approval in franchising proposals can be challenging. It is essential that full financial disclosure is provided, otherwise financiers do not feel confident that they hold a true position. Generally this means a lack of forthcoming finance approval. In my experience, I can suggest that Finn Franchise Brokers provide business profiles that are not only essential information memorandum to provide disclosure suitable for the buying franchisee to present to their proposed financier but industry leading. Without these business profiles, the process of gaining finance approval can be very restrictive and therefore present the prospect with an experience that may discourage them fulfilling their purchase. Hence to provide your existing franchise business with the best possible chance of sale, then I recommend a discussion with Finn Franchise Brokers to ascertain your business profile.”